Super Search for ExpressionEngine 3

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Super Search 3 for ExpressionEngine 3!

One thing we've been trying to do with each new EE3 compatible release is to smooth out some wrinkles in some of the features and design of the add-on. In Super Search 3, you'll notice a few new things:

  • New Search Curation feature.
  • New Super_Search:Form tag, which replaces the old manual <form> tag and Super_Search:Search template tag.
  • General bug fixes and adjustments to some features.
  • Removal of Field modifier utility

Super Search now includes a Search Curation feature, which is designed to allow manual selection of entry results for keyword searches. This would typically be used as supplemental search results to normal search results, similar to how Google displays sponsored results at the top or side of their pages.

We've also deprecated the <form> and _SuperSearch:Search template tag combo, in favor of a more intuitive Super_Search:Form. We've had a lot of customers that had a harder time grasping the old method, as it was not like a traditional EE form. Super_Search:Form will handle the <form> tags, things like CSRF token, and parsing of previous search selections now. However, because of the way Super Search Results work, it's still easy to use hard coded <form> tags (without Super_Search:Form tag) to build search forms.

Lastly, we've removed the Field Modifier utility from Super Search. This was a feature that was added during ExpressionEngine 1.x, specifically to allow decimal fields so price ranges could be searched on. Since then, ExpressionEngine has come a long way in fieldtype development, and allows for numeric or decimal content types.

Some Important Information about our EE3 releases

We have decided that all EE3 converted add-ons will ONLY work with ExpressionEngine 3+ (if you've been around long enough, you'll remember that we managed to have a single code base work for both EE1 and EE2 back when EE2 was released). The EE2 versions of our add-ons will remain "feature-frozen", except for critical and security fixes. An EE2 compatible version will be available inside of the EE3 compatible download package. We know that many customers will have to wait until there is enough critical mass of third party add-on availability before they can begin using EE3 in the real world, so for the next 6-12 months, a new purchase or upgrade of EE3 compatible add-ons will also include an EE2 compatible version. You can use the EE2 compatible version until you're ready to upgrade to ExpressionEngine 3.x.

Due to the large amount of time involved with updating and testing our add-ons for EE3 compatibility, there will be an upgrade fee associated with each. Super Search in particular is $39.95 to upgrade. Buying upgrades can be done in your Account area. Customers that purchased a Solspace add-on up to 3 months before release of the EE3 compatible version will receive an automatic free upgrade. Super Search 2.x customers from the past 3 months have already received this.

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