Freeform 5 Beta Is Here

Completely rebuilt interface

In Freeform 5, we took all of our years of experience with previous versions of Freeform, combined those with years of developing best practices in React, and completely rebuilt Freeform’s interface. It’s so frictionless and effortless now. It lands squarely in the sweet spot of providing a reliable and easy developer experience.

Streamlined form management UI

We also made great strides in improving the experience of managing large volumes of forms. Many of our customers use Freeform at scale. They manage large groups of forms and need that experience to scale well.

Field types and field management overhauled

Those customers who use Freeform at scale will also appreciate how we rethought and rewrote how field types and fields themselves are managed. It’s so much easier now.

Greatly expanded template overrides

We noticed that many of our customers liked using our form builder even though they were expert web developers in their own right. They like the time savings just as much as anyone. But they also needed to have occasional fine-tuned control of forms at the template level. So we overhauled how we support form overrides. This allows developers to scale up their form work by leveraging our Form Builder but individually and dynamically overriding values at the template level as needed. The best of both worlds.

Coming soon

We’re very proud of this work. It was many months and even years in the making.

Freeform 5 beta is available now. Install it today and try it out.

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