Expert ExpressionEngine Upgrades

Upgrading your EE website is simple with a partner like Solspace.

Are you still on ExpressionEngine version 2!?

It's OK, the vast majority of EE installs out there are on EE 2. But ExpressionEngine is now up to version 5 and a lot has changed that you're missing out on. The latest version is easier to use and even more powerful. Upgrading is also critically important for site security and reliability.

What should you expect?

We've developed a unique, reliable upgrade method. It involves making backups of your current version, ensuring all your plugins are up-to-date, and testing, tweaking and fixing until we get things just right. And, no down time for your current website. After we launch your upgraded website we can even stick around to support you and your ongoing maintenance needs.

How much does it cost?

Your current EE site might have cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, an upgrade is far less expensive. It’s different for everyone, but you’ll probably be surprised at how affordable it is.

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