Expert ExpressionEngine Upgrades

You've been dreading that EE upgrade. But the future looks bright, easy, secure a reliable. We can help you get current.

Use our simple upgrade method.

Get started on upgrading your ExpressionEngine site for security and bug fixes today!

ExpressionEngine is now open source!

EllisLab recently made ExpressionEngine open source. This has increased adoption and caused a surge in our own EE add-on sales. We're seeing a lot of activity in the forums and in other message boards. Things are looking up for ExpressionEngine. Your decision long ago to base your website on it is still proving to be a good one.

But you are still on an old version.

The vast majority of EE installs out there are on EE 2. ExpressionEngine is now up to EE 5. You may be concerned about how hard the upgrade will be, but there's no need to worry. We've been there before and we can help you get your site upgraded.

Our process

We have developed a special reliable upgrade method. We set up development instances of your EE site using Docker. Docker is a tool that helps you run different server configurations locally on your machine so that you can more easily test out different configurations.

We test, tweak and fix until we get things right. Then we push the new site up to your production server. After that we stick around to support you and your ongoing maintenance needs.

Third party add-ons

We have a good handle on the availability of upgraded third party add-ons. We know where to find them and what to expect. If an add-on does not have a compatible upgrade, we may have a version on hand that we upgraded in-house. If we don't have that, we can do the custom add-on work necessary for your essential add-ons. Some of those add-ons you're running can just be thrown out. So don't dispair.

Contact us today to get on our ExpressionEngine upgrade schedule. Get ahead of the problem and reach out today!

Why Solspace?

We're the longest standing ExpressionEngine development team.

First to launch a major website ( on ExpressionEngine
First to develop extensive API integration capabilities for ExpressionEngine
First to create a performance evaluation program for ExpressionEngine
First to offer an end-to-end monthly support and maintenance program

We specialize in highly complex ExpressionEngine development. We love a good problem. But that's not actually what matters most to us. What we care most about is long-term relationships with great clients. We like to build something great. But what we love is to stick around and help it grow and adapt and change over time. It's fine to build something cool and launch it. It's much better to remain and keep it going. Check out our array of ExpressionEngine services.

We've been doing it the longest. If it can be done at all on the web, we have probably already done it with ExpressionEngine. In fact, we have probably done it several times before. Don't believe us? Reach out and connect. Run a problem by us. We can prove that we have been there before and we can help you get there too.

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