Website Improvement Retainers

If it’s merely maintenance, you’ll fall behind. Progressive improvements for your web ecosystem keep you at pace with the market and ahead of the competition.


A healthy, long-term relationship

An improvement retainer relationship isn’t right for every client, but for some it’s a perfect fit. A predictable number of hours each month lets Solspace become a trusted partner. We can take the responsibility for your day-to-day stability and reliability while always moving forward on the 20-mile march.

Predictable and Flexible

Clients who settle into improvement retainer arrangements with us enjoy the predictability of gains though operational expenditure rather than unwieldy capital expenditures. It’s sort of like adding a new contracted employee to your business -- except it’s a whole team working just for you.

Great Today, Better Tomorrow

This philosophy directly aligns with one of our core values. The retainer relationship positions our team to increase their knowledge over time. We come to understand our clients and their complex websites inside and out so we can provide well-informed advice on maintenance, upgrades, risks, and opportunities.

Reliability Above All

There’s nothing more important about your website than its reliability. It must be a reliable source of revenue generation, reliable to your end users, and reliable for your staff to manage. Our retainer clients enjoy the greatest peace of mind knowing that our core job is to keep their web services stable and reliable.

Let’s get to know each other

Retainers are a big step; we get it. Let’s just start with a casual conversation.


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Working with Solspace is an essential part of our day-to-day operations at IDEO.

With them as partners, we are able to achieve both beautiful and functional design, seamlessly.

Katie Clark