Projects and Experiments

The right choice for larger work that has defined boundaries. It’s also an opportunity to test out new tech and methods in a low risk setting.

Whether it’s a well-defined build or less-defined tough problem to solve, we’ve got you. Common projects for us include:

  • Full website design and build
  • Complex product configurators
  • Third-party API or web service integrations
  • Onsite web search installation and configuration
  • Complex customer data acquisition and migration
  • Transforming offline processes into online magic
  • Something never done before, until we do it

Big Projects, High Stakes

Sometimes you know what the end result needs to be but aren’t sure how to get there. Or it might be an in-process project that needs rescuing. We’ll plan each stage of work with predictable costs and timelines. And using our headless/composable methods, your project might not require as much work as you think.

Meet in the Middle

Modern day website needs can either seem ridiculously simple and inexpensive or require high-cost enterprise solutions full of overwhelming complexity. At Solspace, we know there’s a middleground. Let’s determine what your project needs and only what it needs.

Special Projects, Reduced Risk

Sometimes it’s more than just cost and time that keep us from attempting improvements on the web. It’s uncertainty and risk. It’s common for us to implement new technologies and approaches with reduced risk using a composable approach. Once we prove the value, we can expand the reach.

Reliable Project Planning and Execution

Do you have your next big project ready or just a dream of what it could be? We’d love to hear about it.


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