Freeform Pro for Craft CMS!

Today we're very pleased to announce the launch of Freeform Pro for Craft CMS! Freeform Pro is a consolidation of all API integrations and the Widget bundle, along with a new field pack and powerful exporting options! Rather than buying each of these features individually, you can now just purchase (or upgrade to) the Pro version. This will spare you the chore of buying extra addons, installing and updating them, etc.

What's included in Freeform Pro?

Freeform Pro includes the following API integrations: MailChimp (still included with basic version), Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Salesforce and HubSpot.

Also consolidated into Freeform Pro are the following Dashboard Widgets: Linear Chart, Radial Chart, Field Values Chart and Recent Submissions.

New to Freeform Pro are several additional fieldtypes: Confirmation, Date & Time, Number, Phone, Rating, Regex and Website.


And finally, Freeform Pro now includes advanced Exporting options. The Quick Export feature in the Submissions list page allows you to export all submissions for a given form in your choice of CSV, Text, JSON or XML. You can then exclude whichever fields you don't want exported. The Export Profiles feature allows admins to create more complex pre-defined export profiles that can be run by any user with proper permissions at any time.

How much does it cost?

We're excited to say that not only will Freeform Pro cost much less than if you were to buy each of the above features separately, we've lowered the price of Freeform "basic" as well! Freeform Pro costs $149 $159, while Freeform "basic" has been reduced to just $79 $89. If you purchase the basic version and wish to switch to the Pro version, you can always do so by visiting your Account area on the Solspace site and purchase an upgrade for the difference in cost ($70).

What if I already purchased an addon in the past?

If you already purchased an addon such as an API integration or the Widgets bundle, your Freeform license has automatically been upgraded to a Pro license (if you believe your account was missed, or the wrong license was upgraded, please contact us). If you've purchased an addon in the past 30 days and the Freeform license and addon(s) amounted to more than $149 $159, we have already refunded the difference (if you were missed, please contact us).

To transition from Freeform with addons to Freeform Pro, please check out the guide in our documentation.

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