Web Reliability

2. Who benefits from Web Reliability?

Mitchell Kimbrough
Written April 24, 2019 by
Mitchell Kimbrough
Founder & CEO

While the person using the Web Reliability Framework to optimize a site will be you, the website owner/manager, the person we ultimately intend to help is the end-user of the website - the customer. This customer has a problem that can be solved using the services or products offered by the website. Perhaps it’s a camping gear company website with great products at a fair price targeted at the family camper. Perhaps it's the website of a reliable supplier of high-quality precision liquid dispensing syringes that will be incorporated into yet another set of products within the supply chain of medical and scientific equipment. Or maybe the customer is looking for a marketing consultant, a new pet to adopt, or the best candidate to support financially in an upcoming election.

In all cases, the customer needs a reliable web experience. They need to feel like they are flowing smoothly through a well-designed system.

Your customer needs to reliably find the website on a very crowded internet. They need to land on the right page of that website quickly. They need clear messaging to guide them toward the solution to their problem. They need a clear way of reaching out to get the help they need whether that is a simple purchase of some products or making contact with a company representative. The team that maintains the website needs to be healthy, solid, and reliable so that the above remain consistent. Web Reliability all along this path is what we're about in this system.

Of course, this system can’t directly help the customer we’ve described here all on its own. It can’t help them complete their Google search and find the website with the exact solution they need, or make their experience on that website fast, easy, and satisfying by itself. It can’t help them know where to convert their interest into action on that website or educate them about the value of what the website offers. The Web Reliability Framework, on its own, can’t set up and run a team that can deliver on all the above. Only you, the web property owner, can orchestrate all of these things and set them up to be sustainable. The end-user of the website is our concern, but you, the website owner, are our audience and you are the person this system can help. You are the protagonist in this story, the hero fighting for the transformation of a chronically ineffective website. This system of Web Reliability will be your guide to rewriting the story of your website and changing the future of your company.