Web Reliability

3. What’s in the way of customer success, and how does the Web Reliability Framework help?

Mitchell Kimbrough
Written May 1, 2019 by
Mitchell Kimbrough
Founder & CEO

The root problem that gets in the way of a website customer getting what they want is you. You are responsible for providing that customer with a reliable path to completing a purchase and obtaining the solution to their problem. There are myriad things getting in the way. This book captures those within a framework that describes solutions to each.

There are often a multitude of issues blocking customer success. Just becoming aware of them all can tend to make a website owner feel defeated before they even begin to think about solutions. The problem set is just so big. This is where the Web Reliability Framework comes in. The Framework offers a systematic approach to identifying root causes of issues as well as their solutions, all presented as a series of achievable goals you can begin working towards right away.

In brief, this Web Reliability Framework is composed of three parts. First is the team that manages the website. Second is the plan the team develops for running a website that reliably solves customer problems, generating revenue as a result. Third is action, the tactical form the strategy takes that is executed by the web team. Three parts; Team, Plan, Action.

Much of this system is centered on the human factors involved in maintaining a successful website. With a good team, failures in strategy or tactical execution can always be overcome. Excellent strategy and execution are not possible without a strong and healthy team. Even when both strategy and tactics are solid, if there is no team to keep up with care and feeding over time, the system will eventually fail.

This is where you come in. While you, the website owner, may be the primary blocking issue to website success, what’s even more important is that you are also without any doubt the key to removing the blocking issues and obstacles. You are the guide leading the way to a better outcome for your company! The Web Reliability Framework, in turn, will be your roadmap. It will give you the tools and support to make reliable web revenue a reality.

So you are what's in the way of success. This book, this system is for you.