ExpressionEngine Aftercare

Health Monitoring, Support and Maintenance for your ExpressionEngine Website.

Is your website in good health?

Designing, building, refining and maintaining your website can cost as much as an employee's salary. You look after them. Now you can look after your website investment too.

Your website is a critical part of your business. It's ongoing health is an imperative. There are 4 primary questions to answer when it comes to website health.

  1. Does it load quickly when someone tries to reach it?
  2. Can it be found when someone searches for it?
  3. Can it be brought back to life quickly when it crashes?
  4. Do you know an expert who can help with all of the above?

If you have a good ongoing answer for each of these questions, then your website is in good health. If not, then you need ExpressionEngine Aftercare from Solspace.

  What's Included?

ExpressionEngine Aftercare combines each of the best monitoring services for the areas of health for your website.

  1. We use Pingdom to monitor the uptime and speed of your site.
  2. We use Woorank to monitor your SEO health.
  3. We use CodeGuard to take regular backups that can be easily accessed for quick restores of your website.
  4. We use the indomitable Solspace developer team of ExpressionEngine experts to make sense of and develop resolutions for the health problems that your website will face over time.

You get all of this for only $159!

If you subscribed to each of those services yourself the cost would be at least $320. That's a 50% price break. And not only do you get the monitoring services, you have an expert doing the monitoring!

Once a month we will email you a report on the health of your site. This will include a status report on your site’s uptime and page load speed for the month, information about your SEO health and what might be done to improve your traffic, information on the state of your back-ups. In addition to this monthly health status report, we will provide you with recommendations for how to fortify and strengthen the overall health of your website.

Those customers opting for Level 2 or Level 3 of Aftercare will also receive dedicated development time which can be used to correct issues on your site, fix bugs, improve performance, add pages and generally keep the site up to date as you see fit.

Why Solspace?

We're the longest standing ExpressionEngine development team.

First to launch a major website ( on ExpressionEngine
First to develop extensive API integration capabilities for ExpressionEngine
First to create a performance evaluation program for ExpressionEngine
First to offer an end-to-end monthly support and maintenance program

We specialize in highly complex ExpressionEngine development. We love a good problem. But that's not actually what matters most to us. What we care most about is long-term relationships with great clients. We like to build something great. But what we love is to stick around and help it grow and adapt and change over time. It's fine to build something cool and launch it. It's much better to remain and keep it going. Check out our array of ExpressionEngine services.

We've been doing it the longest. If it can be done at all on the web, we have probably already done it with ExpressionEngine. In fact, we have probably done it several times before. Don't believe us? Reach out and connect. Run a problem by us. We can prove that we have been there before and we can help you get there too.

Working with Solspace is an essential part of our day-to-day operations at IDEO. With them as partners, we are able to achieve both beautiful and functional design, seamlessly.

Katie Clark, IDEO

After having our initial attempt to launch a rebuilt developer site fail, we called Solspace with the hope they could get us back on track. 90 days later we launched our site and dramatically reduced our operating costs. The Solspace team was efficient, adaptable, and dealt with an unrealistic deadline with supreme professionalism. Next time I'm calling Solspace first and saving myself some sleepless nights!

How it Works

Level 1


Health monitoring service

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Level 2


Health monitoring service + 10 hours of dedicated development time on your site per month

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Level 3


Health monitoring service + 20 hours of dedicated development time on your site per month

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When you purchase dedicated developer time you are getting the finest ExpressionEngine developers available. They are dedicated to your website. You can use their time to fix bugs, implement new features, re-arrange pages and navigation, etc.

ExpressionEngine Aftercare is a subscription service. Your credit card is charged each month for your plan level. Cancel any time. We believe that you'll value our services, and we believe in building solid, long-term relationships with clients that feel like a good fit on both sides. If you are truly not satisfied with our service, we will gladly refund you for the month in which you cancel.

Have questions?

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Who We Are

Solspace is a 15 year old web development company composed of 15 developers, designers and managers.

We work almost exclusively on ExpressionEngine. Though we can build web applications from scratch in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, etc, we have, since it was first introduced to market, focussed our attention on ExpressionEngine development. We were the first and are still the largest vendor of ExpressionEngine addons. We have worked on client projects customizing the EE platform for as many varieties of purpose as one might find on the web. We serve small to medium to large clients. We have extensive experience developing web properties and web applications for large organizations, including those in the enterprise space.

The Solspace team is primarily motivated by problem solving challenges. We care equally about the problems and challenges found at the technical / software level of a project as well as problems and challenges found at the organizational and project management levels of a project. Because of our experience, skill and aptitude, honed over many years of working on the web, we can usher a complex project through from it's amorphous beginnings, to a clear plan, beyond logistical and personnel impediments and on to successful delivery. For us, the challenges of managing something complex are just as engaging as the problems of building something complex.

We work closely with our clients and endeavor to provide 'high touch' service. This means we remain in regular communication with our clients so that an ongoing conversation takes place whereby project details are regularly communicated and monitored. We want our clients to be happy, in the long term. This means we tell the truth plainly and transparently so as to help our clients avoid problems down the road.

Solspace specializes, as above, in ExpressionEngine development and customization. We are well versed in best practices and standards of UX design and optimization. We can assist with social media integrations. We can build cross-platform mobile apps. We build e-commerce applications for a wide range of commercial and non-profit enterprises. We additionally specialize in API integrations, particularly between Salesforce and ExpressionEngine.


What can you really accomplish in the amount of time of my plan? It doesn't seem like much time.
Try to keep in mind that we are master web developers. We can accomplish a great deal in a short amount of time due to our experience and abilities as a team. With a good plan we can accomplish a surprising amount in a short time. But what really matters is that right now you are accomplishing nothing by not having a qualified developer to help you.

What if my site is just too much of a mess and you can't help me in anything less than a few months?
We are not likely to think your site is a total disaster. Trust us. We have seen them all. But if we get in there and think that we can't help, we won't waste your time or money. We will let you know, but we will also come to you with a plan of action as necessary.

I like my current developer but she / he has not really been reachable. When they come back around I don't want them to think I have replaced them with you. How do we handle that?
We have been a partner to web developers for years. They buy our addons and they contract our services when they need help with really sticky problems. We know your existing relationship is important and we will work professionally within the bounds to keep it up on the up and up. Of course, if your developer has disappeared, you need us all the more.

Once I sign up and pay, what happens next?
We reach out to you promptly and arrange for an introductory chat, usually via Skype. We collect your website and server credentials from you. We prepare a priority list with you and then we get to work.

Is it secure? Can you be trusted?
Ask around. The best way to put your mind at ease is to look around on the web and check out the reputation of Solspace. We have been around a long time and our track record speaks for itself.

How do I get my money back?
We want you to be satisfied and we will work hard to make sure you are. But if you are displeased or just don't feel like the program is for you, cancel, no questions asked. We will refund you for the month you cancel. We want you to stop waiting around to fix your site. So we offer a generous cancellation policy to put your mind at ease so that you will get things moving again.