Discovery and Planning

A problem well-defined is half solved.


Discovery is our most important phase where we get the most critical work done.

During discovery we investigate:

  • Your project’s business needs
  • Your project’s technical needs
  • Your project’s biggest challenges
  • Your current tech stack and services
  • Your points of highest friction
  • Your communication preferences
  • Pretty much everything we need to run smoothly

A great discovery allows us maximum speed and minimal friction.

The Business Problem

Before any coding, we need to understand your business. How will our successful project generate more revenue for you? Where does it fit in your process? What does success look like? Answering these questions builds the knowledge foundation we all need to keep the work flowing freely.

The Technical Solution

Our technical game plan comes together during the discovery. Even though the best plans always change, we’ll be set up to stay several steps ahead during the project. We’ll document and communicate who’s doing what and when and how we’ll swerve if necessary.

The Ultimate Value

We get it; discoveries can seem boring. “When’s the work start?” you may ask. We know that the discovery phase is real work and keeps adding value throughout the project. Many clients hire us to conduct discoveries before the actual project. That way costs, timelines, and needs are fully realized to plan forward.

Working with Solspace is an essential part of our day-to-day operations at IDEO.

With them as partners, we are able to achieve both beautiful and functional design, seamlessly.

Katie Clark

We're ready when you are

It normally takes several months to move through the process of hiring an agency for a new Craft CMS build. Let's start the conversation today so that we can help you plan.