New Home for User, Tag, Rating and Favorites

Over the years, you may have noticed that Solspace's software offerings have evolved. We have expanded into the Craft CMS market, and we have been focusing on specializing in a smaller number of add-ons. Our goal is to expand on these select add-ons to be extremely comprehensive and robust. Currently, our add-ons of focus are Freeform and Calendar, and we have even bigger ideas for them in the future!

However, by focusing on those select add-ons, we end up doing a disservice to the EE community with our other remaining add-ons. We're unable to give these beloved add-ons the attention they deserve, so after careful thought and extensive planning, we found a new home for them. We are pleased to announce that EEHarbor has acquired the following 4 EE add-ons:

EEHarbor is well-known in the EE community and is home to a wide variety of add-ons, including the Mega Pack. They will be able to take proper care of User, Tag, Rating and Favorites, and provide excellent support for them. Best of all, these add-ons are now included in the Mega Pack Premier, so there's even more value to the many customers that take advantage of this great deal!

We imagine you probably have some questions, so hopefully this will help (with more information coming soon):

What happens to my add-ons?

For valid license holders of User, Tag, Rating and Favorites, you will continue to have access to these add-ons, but on the EEHarbor site (and for a limited time on the site during transition). You will be receiving an email from EEHarbor with instructions about accessing your software.

What about support?

As of today, all new support tickets are to be sent to EEHarbor for official product support. The email you receive from EEHarbor will contain more information about this. You'll continue to receive excellent support at EEHarbor. Support terms are similar to Solspace in that you receive support for 1 year from the date of purchase. If that support term has ended, you can purchase a license renewal to receive access to support and updates to software.

What about ExpressionEngine 4?

The EE4 conversions for User, Tag, Rating and Favorites have already been completed, and customers that purchased a license to these add-ons within the last 12 months will have access to the EE4 versions for no charge!

I still have questions

If you still have questions or concerns, check out EEHarbor's announcement, and please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing us at