Web Reliability

39. Guiding The Purpose

Mitchell Kimbrough
Written August 17, 2020 by
Mitchell Kimbrough
Founder & CEO

Your team is hard at work. The strategy has been developed, verified, and put into motion. Everything is going well. Now it’s time to foster the customer and team motivations to make sure it continues to go well, and momentum can be maintained all the way to the achievement of your goals.

I call this ‘guiding the purpose.’ The idea and the nomenclature acknowledge that while team and strategy may be the primary component of achieving success, it won’t happen automatically. Steady guidance and support of motivation is key while a team is executing a plan. If their collective sense of purpose is not guided, maintained and directed, the projects they are working on will lose momentum, and stall out or fail.

Let’s take a look at three essential components needed for successfully guiding the purpose. First, the execution team must consistently have tools and techniques that help them maintain motivation and momentum. Second, the customer must consistently have their sense of purpose reinforced as they traverse the web app. Third, the fulfillment team that completes customer transactions must consistently have their purpose reinforced and their incentive sustained through their interactions with the web system.