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14. Acknowledgements

Mitchell Kimbrough
Written July 3, 2019 by
Mitchell Kimbrough
Founder & CEO

Janet Berkow deserves a nice, conspicuous, and loud shout out for being my editor. Janet's always been, my editor. Anything I write, important client email, or little tiny project proposal - Janet always checks my reality. Thank you, Janet.

Kelsey Martens sits quietly in Winnipeg Manitoba, shivering, shoveling snow, and always supporting my desire to create. He thinks my vocabulary is larger than it is and compliments me for it. But that's only because he knows only 2 words, 'chicken' and 'sorry'.

Jean Fleming, an accomplished writer, and publisher, was the very first person to give me permission to write this book entirely from my own experience. I asked if I needed to research it for months like other things I've written. She said, "Naw, just crank it out." That was exactly what I most wanted to hear.

I would like to thank the many clients we have had the great fortune of knowing and serving. Humans are social animals. We are at our best when we're together. We're at our best when working together. And we are at our absolutely utmost when we humbly serve one another with the highest possible regard for excellence. Our clients over the years have demanded our best and manifested the patience to allow us to grow into giving it.

I would like to acknowledge my wife and kids. They are sacred to me and I hope to honor them with this effort.