Solspace Second Chair

Reliable, second chair development services
for those times when you need a little extra experience.

You're the Lead

Solspace’s Second Chair custom development services keep you, the lead developer, in the lead. We remove the roadblock of special development needs. Your project continues to flow reliably with the client and keeps you looking like the hero.

Enhance and Extend

We’re experts at Craft CMS. We specialize in custom software development and integrations. You might be familiar with our popular plugins for Craft like Freeform and Calendar.

We can extend these useful tools to do more with your client's specific needs in mind.

Integrations and Custom Builds

We can help you write custom plugins from scratch for special functionality. We can also provide custom API integrations for platforms like Salesforce.

Augment Your Experience

Sometimes your client asks for something a bit outside of your experience. You want to keep them happy, but don’t want to get in over your head. Solspace can take the “second chair” and build out those custom capabilities.

Fair Price

You can handle most of the website build yourself. You just need to deliver on a few key pieces. But you think the cost may be a problem.

Why not just see how much we cost? Our price list is open for your review. Just submit the form below.

Reliable and Available

At Solspace we believe that reliability is the most important thing about a website. Having a reliable team to support that website is the best way to achieve web reliability. Just like your clients rely on your work, you want to be able to rely on the other professionals you work with.

Get in touch now. We'd like to hear about what you're working on.

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