Laravel Development

If your website doesn’t just deliver your product, and your website IS your product, you likely need custom Laravel development.

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While we love the capabilities and configuration of Craft CMS, we know some projects require a more customized approach.

Laravel is where our approach of Creative Development really shines. Unlike a CMS, Laravel lacks predetermined restrictions. It’s an adaptable development environment that allows us to create web-based technology tools to fit your special needs.

It’s the beauty of a blank page, ready for the custom functions and individual needs of your technology product. It’s especially valuable when your project is also your product, a unique tool. Laravel gives us the freedom to create just what you, and only you, need.

Applications instead of websites

Explaining Laravel can get pretty nerdy. But, one of the best ways to think about it is that it’s for making applications. Now, your users may still feel like the final product is a website in a browser. And, essentially, it will be. But, that website is just its Clark Kent to the real Superman underneath. We can use Laravel to make complex functions work with ease in a browser for your users.

Still open and friendly

Sometimes special environments can feel too mysterious and proprietary. Fortunately, Laravel is an open-sourced framework based in the PHP programming language. That means that there are thousands of web developers out there that can help you. And, it’s backed by a strong, collaborative community.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Unlike a traditional CMS, a Laravel project only offers what you need without a bunch of unnecessary functions to get in the way. If you’ve ever wished you could trade in 50% of the functions your CMS does for just two or three special abilities, you’d probably love a Laravel web application. They’re lean, adaptable and made just for you.

When Things Get Sticky

Sometimes you need control of your web application much closer to the metal than a normal CMS approach allows.

In these times you need Laravel.