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What are the 3 most critical problems with your website? Our Free Industrial Website assessment will tell you.

Industrial websites have special needs

As a manufacturer or distributor in the B2B space you sell products and solutions that have 3 things in common.

  • First, they are complicated and configurable.
  • Second, they are expensive.
  • Third, they are high stakes purchases for the buyer

Our free industrial website assessment considers each of these special aspects. And, yes, you read that right; it’s free.


Current B2B millennial buyers want 70% or more of the sales process to happen online.

Our assessment checks the following three main areas, determines the top 3 priorities and recommends appropriate remedies.

Assess Website Fundamentals

  • Audit technical SEO
  • Audit W3C Accessibility
  • Audit page speed
  • Audit inferred system architecture

Assess revenue pipeline friction

  • Determine what system integrations, if any, are present
  • Identify revenue-centered functions
  • Assess performance metrics and measurement capabilities
  • Assess team composition and areas of expertise

Assess points of failure and points of future stress

  • Audit security
  • Audit tech stack sustainability
  • Audit tech stack flexibility
  • Audit system maintainability

How It Works

  1. We perform a thorough scan of your site to assess key reliability attributes
  2. You answer a short questionnaire about the composition of your web team and the back-end capabilities of your site.
  3. We conduct an interview with you to ask a few more questions and discuss our preliminary findings.
  4. After the assessment we will provide a report identifying your top 3 problem areas and which of the eight stages your web presence has reached.
  5. We will then offer the best prioritization and methods to address the documented issues.

Once you’ve received your full free assessment, you can take it from there or we can help you take the next step.


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