Zack Bloom from Cloudflare Part 2 - Security

We continue the conversation with Zack Bloom of Cloudflare. In this episode Zack and I talk at length about one of my favorite Cloudflare features, free and easy SSL certificates. We discuss how this system works and why it's so much easier these days for web developers to run their client's sites behind HTTPS.

Zazk and I talk a bit about the history of security on the web and we discuss how Cloudflare's SSL offerings caused a spike in the number of sites moving to HTTPS.

I ask Zack about whether there is a private Cloudflare available to defense departments and governments. He schools me on how much more powerful, secure and efficient it is to have only one Cloudflare network.

We talk also, in the security and performance vein, about Cloudflare's project and the Warp app for mobile devices. With these tools you gain the benefits of a virtual VPN along with increases in internet speed generally thanks to's ability to route traffic intelligently. Your browsing activity on the web becomes more secure as well.

Finally Zack and I get into Cloudflare for Teams. This is a relatively recent Cloudflare offering that makes it possible for an organization to secure anything that connects to the web and gets accessed by team members. Simple url patterns can be targeted for a variety of gated protections. Authentications can run through any of a number of web services such a Github, Okta, internal SSO systems, etc.