Zack Bloom from Cloudflare Part 1 - The Fundamentals

One of the lynchpins of Web Reliability is fast load times. For more than a decade Cloudflare has been central to low latency, high availability best practices among web developers. And now Cloudflare is on the Solspace podcast.

This is the first of a series of four podcast episodes where Zack Bloom, Head of Developer Marketing at Cloudflare and I go through, in detail, the many tools and capabilities of Cloudflare.

Recently I have fallen behind Cloudflare. I knew I needed to get caught up when I had my clients from ProPublica on the podcast and they explained how thoroughly and how well they used some of Cloudflare's newer and more innovative edge computing offerings. Zack and I take a deep dive into everything Cloudflare.

In this episode Zack and I talk about how Cloudflare chooses which new products and services to offer. We talk about their approach of releasing new things first to many of the free users on their platform and then roll those out later to enterprise customers. We talk about how Cloudflare leverages economies of scale to further enable the strategy of their business model. We also get into what's available in their business and enterprise plan levels and how to best help our clients get on to those plans so that they can use more of Cloudflare's tools, and achieve higher levels of what I call Web Reliability.


  • Cloudflare is not a sponsor of anything at Solspace, this podcast or otherwise.
  • Solspace is not a member of the Cloudflare affiliate program. We gain nothing by recommending them other than fast websites for our clients.
  • I do own Cloudflare stock and plan to until I retire or get hit by an ice cream truck.