Scott Hutcheson Part 2 - A Boring Car or An Invisible Butler

This is the second episode of the rebooted Solspace podcast. In this episode I continue my talk with Scott Hutcheson (http://www.thestrategicweb.com). This is the second of a two part conversation with Scott.

In this episode Scott and I talk about boring. I think that websites and web teams should be reliable. In fact, they should be so reliable that they are boring, that they pretty much disappear. Scott drives this point home as he talks about reliable boring cars and reliable boring butlers. The interesting thing is, the more you look into it, a great deal of complexity and creativity goes into the art of boring.

At Solspace we think of ourselves as practitioners of Creative Development. We make things reliable and we do so through very creative processes. Somehow the colorful fireworks of 'creative' and the beige bland of 'reliable' don't seem to go together, but we've learned that they actually do.

Sometimes you want things to be uneventful. You want a website launch to be uneventful. You want the running of a site to be uneventful. Like steering a ship through a canal, you need an expert with depth of knowledge and creativity to guide you through without incident.

We discuss all of this and more in the second part of my interview with Scott Hutcheson.

Credits: Original Ukulele music composed and performed by Lillian Parker. Catch the rest of her music here.