Scott Hutcheson Part 1 - Conversation Is Your Tool

This is the first episode of the rebooted Solspace podcast. From this point forward I hope to bring information of value to our two primary customers, the two types of people responsible for a reliable website: marketing directors and the web developers who serve them.

In this episode I talk with Scott Hutcheson (http://www.thestrategicweb.com). This is the first of a two part conversation with Scott. This is a bit of a meta-episode in the sense that it tries to lay the groundwork for future podcast interviews.

Scott and I talk about the importance of conversation in web development. Though it sounds like fluff, one of the most important jobs both marketing directors and the web developers who support them have is to be consistently good at conversation. Scott and I have both found over the years that conversation is the best and sometimes only way to anticipate and deal creatively with highly complex web development issues. In fact, in the pursuit of what I call Web Reliability, conversation is essential.

It helps when web developers think of themselves as primary care physicians to their website owner clients. The primary mode of operation for the primary care physician is the ability to talk with and hear their patient. This opens the door to anticipating need through empathy. Without this, things tend to unravel. But not only is conversation essential, it can also be deeply pleasurable. It can be one of the greater of life's pleasures.

Credits: Original Ukulele music composed and performed by Lillian Parker. Catch the rest of her music here.