Meilisearch with Thomas Payet and David Estrada - Part 1

On this episode I am joined by Thomas Payet, the co-founder and COO of Meilisearch. From the Solspace side I am joined by David Estrada, the developer on the Solspace team with the most Meilisearch experience.

Meilisearch is an open source API-based utility focused on excellent search speed and relevance of content within a given website. In this first episode of our two-part series with Thomas, we get into an overview of how Meilisearch came to be. We talk about the history of the search bar on websites and discuss how technologies evolved to support users as they try to search within a website for the content they desired.

We discuss why Meilisearch went in the open source direction and we learn about their plans for monetizing and generating revenue to support the overall effort. The prime revenue stream is expected to be their hosted cloud offering. They will handle scaling for customers, software updates, uptime and the like for a reasonable and predictable fee.