Jae Barclay on Sales: Being Good at Accidents, Risk and Free

Give something away for free, but do it tactically. Give something away for free in order to give potential clients an easier entry point into a trusting relationship with you and your company. This was one of the lessons that Jae Barclay of ejaeDesign learned once his company launched Create-ee, a training resource for ExpressionEngine. Potential students can take a one hour introductory EE class and sign up for paid classes later or even become clients of the design and development side of the house. We all know that a free sample is a lead generator, but free samples can also be tailored to bring in the most ideal types of clients.

In this podcast, Jae and I also talk about the nature of accident and risk and how these guide and shape a company and its approach to sales and business development. As a veteran of several design agencies, large and small, having worked on small to enterprise accounts, having sold and then regained his soul a few times, Jae shares invaluable insights into the nature of our work.