Gustavs Gūtmanis and Ivars Bariss On Going Headless Gradually - Part 1

Gustavs Gūtmanis, Lead Developer of Products at Solspace, and Ivars Bariss, Director of Operations at Solspace, join me to discuss the idea that websites can make a gradual transition to a headless architecture.

We start by discussing external search appliances like Algolia and Meilisearch. We talk about how these, by nature, are headless. We create an HTML / Javascript presentation layer and consume the search index through API calls.

Examples of site sections that can gradually be converted to a headless approach include search, marketing landing pages, e-commerce, and forms.

We discuss how clients often see site content divided along the lines of responsibility groups such as career sections, job listings, press releases, events, etc. Each of these content types is often run from a separate service and pulled into pages by API. So the gradual transition has already begun.

We discuss product and service configurators which are independent tools that can be dropped into an existing site, drawing their data from external APIs.

We talk about editorial workflows in a headless world and we discuss how content teams can now work in parallel instead of in series thanks to what headless enables.