Gustavs Gūtmanis and Ivars Bariss On Going Headless Gradually - Part 2

Gustavs Gūtmanis, Lead Developer of Products at Solspace, and Ivars Bariss, Director of Operations at Solspace, join me again to discuss the idea that websites can make a gradual transition to a headless architecture.

At Solspace, we focus on making websites more and more reliable on a daily basis. We do this by looking for ways to reduce friction. This activity usually turns into money for our clients. The less friction, the greater reliability, and the greater the revenue. We take another look at gradual conversions to headless architectures as a way to vastly reduce friction.

In this podcast we discuss a new internal project being developed by Gustavs. We're building a bootstrapping framework for headless sites and gradual headless conversions on React JS. We talk at length about how this approach will allow us to more quickly and easily deploy new headless sites for our clients. We talk about how headless conversions can be made using this intelligent framework, and we talk about what kinds of scale such a bootstrapped approach will allow.