ExpressionEngine Coilpack - Part 2

This episode continues the conversation with Tom Jaeger and Bryan Nielsen of the Packet Tide team and John Henry Donovan of the Solspace team about the new developments in ExpressionEngine-land.

Included is further discussion of Coilpack's capabilities, and how to explain its value to clients. Developers won’t need any special skills. If you know how to write EE templates or if you are an experienced Laravel developer with no EE experience, you can use Coilpack very effectively and it will provide a world of new opportunities by harnessing the power of Laravel within the EE ecosystem.

Coilpack will remain open source. With Laravel approaching a Rails-like level of quality and popularity, the value will only increase over time. The future looks bright for Coilpack, as it will eventually be decoupled from Laravel to evolve into a more universal type of gateway for developers to access a broader range of tools, opening up ecosystems.