Erik Reagan on Sales: Saying No

In the second in a series of conversations with leaders in the ExpressionEngine community, I talk with Erik Reagan of Focus Lab, LLC of Savannah Georgia.

Erik has been a prominent member of the community for several years now and has distinguished himself through insightful presentations at various conferences. As an EE expert and gifted business manager, Erik speaks with clarity on questions of structure, ethics, priorities, and focus.

In this talk, we discuss the importance of how the sales process serves to shape a company. And as such, how important it is that the sales process be carefully crafted, shaped, and governed with the future of the company in mind. We discuss the power of saying no and turning business away as an indicator and tool to control the definition of a company. We discuss the importance of embracing word of mouth marketing, and how project management, planning, and an overall dedication to quality serve as the best sales tool.

The next in this series of conversations about sales will be with Jae Barclay of ejaeDesign.