Covid-19 Edition II with Eric Miller

In this podcast episode, my old friend Eric Miller and I talk about building. We're in the middle of a global pandemic with this Covid-19 virus crisis. We don't yet know if work is going to totally freeze up or if it's going to blow up. What we do know is that we are stressed. If the economy does really freeze up, we will have some time on our hands. You have time to either sit on the couch and watch Netflix or you have time to get going on that old project you had always meant to finish and launch.

Eric has productized part of his UX design work in the form of UX Kits. He did this years ago. He did it by developing some important work habits that allowed him to conceive, build, and launch his own product. He's making the most of those skills right now and taking this time to finish another product idea. Eric is building value for the future. Being engaged and productive is helping him stay positive and upbeat. We're both applying this mindset to the crisis we're facing and feeling much better than we otherwise would have.

I hope that this podcast will help you feel motivated and hopeful about the future. In a sense, you can create your future. It's very much within your grasp. And if you don't buy that, you can at least acknowledge that you can choose your mindset. Now is the time to practice that skill.

You can find Eric Miller at Eric Miller Design.