Covid-19 Edition

Jason said it best on the podcast, his first major business crisis was the dot com bubble. Then it was 911, then The Great Recession, etc etc. We've been through crises like the current COVID-19 pandemic before and we know a few things are essential right now.

In this podcast episode, I interview Eva Passalacqua, long time member of the Solspace team, Jason Siffring, owner of the Chicago web development firm Surprise Highway, and Matt Weinberg, Co-founder at Happy Cog out of New York City.

In the first days of the COVID-19 crisis, when I started to see how the pandemic had the potential to demolish much of our known local and national economies I asked myself, "Who do I know who has the experience, seasoning, and mindset to get through a crisis like this?"; I thought of Eva, Matt and Jason immediately. I am glad to say I know a large number of people who I think will embrace this tough time with a growth mindset, but these 3 were first to mind.

Please listen. Hopefully, we can infect you with some good vibes and a positive, abundance-minded outlook.

Notable online resources that we refer to on the podcast:

TipJar by AddThis

Small Business Grants Program by Facebook

U.S. Disaster Loan Program by the SBA

UPDATE March 25, 2020

Matt Weinberg joined us on this podcast. He sounded awful. We knew he was sick. I even edited out all of his coughing. Two days after this podcast went live we found out that Matt had COVID-19. He's doing well, recovering slowly. I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE April 2, 2020

Matt Weinberg and his family are doing very well and feeling healthy again!