April Anderson Part 2 - Psychic Moments

In part two of the interview with marketing and communications director for Songwriters Hall of Fame, April Anderson, we discuss one of the biggest questions of all time—How do you know when it’s right? Whether you’re talking about friendship or dating or website development, finding the right fit is integral to making your life and business work.

Often, the right fit means finding a middle way—a mix of process and creativity. Procedures can allow clients to feel confident in your abilities, while openness to creativity allows clients to feel heard and assured that you can meet their unique needs. Sometimes though, the decisions about website development are made above the heads of the people who are in charge of the day-to-day work of upkeep and marketing. April and I discuss the challenges of establishing new relationships and making sure a company can meet your goals, particularly when respecting a project’s budget.

Creating a relationship of trust, of course, means knowing your client’s needs, but also being a little psychic. Trusting your intuition and acknowledging the gut-feeling that maybe things are not quite right or could even just be better, is essential to building a successful relationship. By anticipating and planning for human fallibility—like forgetfulness—opening up the line for on-going communication makes those psychic moments possible.