April Anderson Part 1 - Courage Through The Lens

You should really have a look at April Anderson's YouTube channel: Art As Air. There you will find clips from her documentary on Icelandic horses as well as clips from her other documentary work. And here's the Amazon Prime Video link so that you can watch the full Tails of Iceland film.

In this episode April and I talk about some of her thoughts on what it takes to be a web developer serving clients well. April and I landed on an answer that I often find to be true in the first order: conversation is key. We talk about Zen Buddhism, rules, etiquette and how we have constructs to help us have effective conversation. We also talk about the power of irreverence in connecting with others and talking about difficult things.

A good developer listens and finds ways to make a client feel comfortable in their knowledge or lack thereof. We facilitate conversation when we empower others to speak freely about what they know and don't know.