Solspace + EOS® - What Does That Mean and What’s In It For You?

You may have noticed Solspace has been talking about EOS® a lot lately and wondered what that’s all about. The short version of the story is that we knew Solspace had huge amounts of untapped potential but weren’t sure how to set it in motion. In a moment of synchronicity, our CEO Mitchell reconnected with his longtime friend Leslie Camacho (formerly of EllisLab, and Pixel & Tonic) and found he’d become an EOS® Implementer. They’ve known each other since the days before WordPress, and there’s a lot of trust between them. They talked for a long long time and…..that’s how Solspace took the leap and decided to become an EOS® company with Leslie as our guide.

How It’s Going So Far

Say what you will about packaged management systems, this one seems to really work. It’s impressive to see how stepping up coordination and efficiency is already improving the effectiveness of our operations as a whole. We’re also beginning to see how we can use this to become better and more proactive partners for our clients. It turns out the EOS® framework dovetails really well with our own Web Reliability framework. Of course, we’ve always done our best to make sure that our work is as successful as possible, but now EOS® is challenging us to dig deeper and bring a new kind of discipline and accountability to everything we do. We’re excited to see how this evolves since we’re only a few months into a 1-2 year process and new opportunities and improved outcomes are already showing up for us.

Why It Matters

Good for you, you may be thinking. You found a fancy management system to implement. But what’s in it for us? Well, it turns out that from a partnership and service perspective, there are actually huge advantages for our clients. You’ll be working with a coordinated team of people who are more driven than ever and committed to achieving the specific outcomes you need most. You’ll see new levels of discipline and accountability. You’ll have full transparency into what’s happening with your project and how it’s going. And we’ll invest even more energy into making sure you aren’t just getting great value right now, but ongoing into the future. Solspace’s goals haven’t changed. We’re still out to solve the complicated problems other agencies can’t, invest in relationships for the long term, and make you look like the hero at the end of the day. We’ll just be doing it better. We believe that running EOS® is going to give us an advantage over other web development agencies, and we know it will also give you the best possible value for the investment you’re making in your website.

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