Significant Price Reduction on Software

We are significantly reducing prices on all Solspace software. This is not a sale. This is a permanent change.


You use Solspace software on your client’s websites. You may even use the same package of your favorite Solspace add-ons on every client job. And in some cases, you may even reach out to Solspace to help with one of your client engagements or refer someone to do the same.

Over the years we have realized that the main purpose of our software products is to lead new clients to us. Our software products are profitable, but their real value is in their ability to demonstrate our expertise in building and launching market-worthy web applications. They have served this purpose well, but this purpose is served even better by getting these products into the hands of more developers, by making these products part of a developer’s standard package of tools to be used on every one of their client engagements.

Profit margins for ExpressionEngine software are not so great that selling add-ons alone makes sense for us. It never did. But we realize now that the more we can reach potential clients with our expertise and abilities, as expressed through our software products, the more prosperous our client work will be.

To this end we are significantly reducing prices. We hope that lower prices will make our software more approachable and more easy to adopt as a regular part of your web development workflow. And perhaps a few of you will contact us and become part of the happy family of Solspace clients.

If you do reach out for our help on a client project or refer someone to us, keep in mind that we have depth of skill in areas beyond ExpressionEngine. You can call on us for work with Craft CMS, advanced Javascript web applications, Laravel PHP framework applications, mobile projects, highly interactive and immersive web experiences, deep API integrations such as integrating Salesforce with client websites and much more.

We encourage you to visit and review our portfolio of work. We are known for craftsmanship, excellence and most of all, completing and launching projects on time and on budget.

We hope this change serves you well and that you prosper in the new year.

Mitchell Kimbrough
President / CEO