Language Files for Solspace Add-ons Now On Github

Earlier this year, EllisLab put their language files for ExpressionEngine on github so it would be easier for people to find their needed language pack, or translate the default version into thier native language. We thought this was a brilliant idea and a boon to our international customers, thus we have decided to follow suit.

This week we have put all of our language files on github so people can translate them and submit translations to be shared if they wish. Our own Nicolas Bottari has started the flow by making Freeform work in Canada (French language files added to github).

Ain't nobody got time for that!

We know that translations are hard work, and people that have the ability to translate are very talented, so in order to properly reward hard work, we will give a free license of the add-on translated to people who submit translations that we do not already have available.

While its tempting to do a translation just to get free add-ons, (and we are perfectly fine with that because it helps other people), please only attempt a translation if you are fluent in the language you are translating to and do not use Google Translate or some other automated service to do so. We would like the translations to be as accurate as possible.

Ok, so how do I submit translations?

To submit translations:

  1. Fork the supplemental repository on github for the add-on you want to translate.
  2. Clone the fork to your local machine.
  3. Add the folder for the new language.
  4. Copy the ./langauge/english/lang.ADDON_NAME.php file into the new language folder.
  5. Translate the language file into the new language.
    • Since the English version is the original, we encourage translations to start with it so they will be the most accurate.
  6. Push the completed files to your github fork of the add-on.
  7. Submit a pull request with your additions and translations.
    • This way we can discuss the additions before accepting and then pull it into our public repo so everyone can access it.
  8. Virtual high fives.

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