Freeform Is Now the Top Craft CMS Form Plugin!

Freeform on Craft CMS

Solspace got its start as a specialist on the ExpressionEngine CMS platform. We were part of the ExpressionEngine ecosystem from the very beginning. Part of our work there included eventually offering more than 20 commercial add-ons for EE. At that time we learned that we were too small of a company with too many products. We couldn't support them all to the satisfaction of our customers.

A couple of years ago we took up Craft CMS development work. We took on a number of clients with Craft sites, supporting their daily maintenance and website care and feeding needs. We also ventured into the Craft CMS plugin space. But this time we applied lessons we had learned from our EE days. We decided to dedicate ourselves to only offering a smaller number of plugins for Craft. We also sold off all but 2 of our EE add-ons.

Freeform was our most popular product on EE. We had spent many years understanding the customer of that product. We had learned their pain points and their annoyances. We understood what would constitute value to them and we knew how to deliver. We threw ourselves completely into development on Freeform for Craft.

Early on we saw that the Craft community would appreciate an advanced form product like Freeform, so we got some initial confirmation that we were in the right place at the right time. Even though we were tempted by many interesting Craft plugin ideas, we showed restraint and discipline and stayed focused on our Freeform customers. We learned long ago that what both clients and customers need and expect from Solspace is reliability. So we reshaped the company and our strategy to perfect that. We have prospered ever since.

Not only is Freeform the top form plugin for Craft, ranking even above Pixel & Tonic's own free Contact Form plugin, but we are second in the overall Craft plugin store only to nystudio107's SEOmatic (a killer SEO optimization plugin well worth it, by the way).

I write this post not to brag, but instead to take the opportunity to express gratitude to our loyal customer base. We know that you have other choices in meeting the needs of your clients. We appreciate your patronage and we remain committed to reliably meeting your needs.

Thank you!

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