Craft Migration Webinar with Justin Holt

I attended a webinar put on by Justin Holt from the Solspace team. It was so well done and covered so many of the important content migration topics than one must keep in mind, I thought it worth sharing with the community.

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Justin lead a Craft CMS meet-up in his home town of Charlotte North Carolina. He took his most recent meet-up with the Charlotte Craft CMS group online this time around.

In his webinar, Justin talked about the various plugins that you can use to help with Craft migrations. He talked about setting up JSON feeds from the origin site and pulling those in with the Craft CMS FeedMe plugin. He talked about a number of best practices for working with FeedMe.

Among the many topics that Justin covered, he also got into content validation. This is a step that any migration must go through to verify that all content is as it should be on the new site. Justin asked me to include a video demo of a tool we built for our long-time client, ProPublica. This was a content migration validator tool. When you migrate a large Craft site, you have to check your work, all of it. This is a daunting task. But we developed a technique at Solspace that can help quite a bit. Check out Justin’s webinar to learn more.

You can find the webinar here.