COVID-19 Response

As we face the crisis of COVID-19 together, those of us who work in tech and web development are uniquely positioned to help our neighbors weather the storm.

  • Brick and mortar and in-person businesses need ways to generate income online while their doors are closed.
  • Companies need help making the transition from working in person to working as a virtual team.
  • Educators need support to keep connected with their students.
  • Parents need support and resources with kids at home full time.
  • Everyone is depending on online resources for news, entertainment, and connection with family and friends.

There are a lot of software products that we can use to create solutions to these challenges. Two of those are Solspace's Freeform and Calendar. We won't presume to know how creatively you will use our products. That's up to you. But we do know that our products can be used to help in your local communities. We want to support your efforts.

Solspace is committed to supporting our web development colleagues as they work to support the people in their communities. For that reason, we're giving away Freeform and Calendar to developers who are using it to help local businesses get through the current crisis. To get a free copy of Freeform or Calendar, just tell us the story of how you plan to use it to help! Email us at

At Solspace we are thinking about all of you and the communities in which you live. We hope that you and yours remain healthy and in good spirits through this difficult time.


Mitchell Kimbrough
Solspace Founder