Salesforce Integration

Expert Salesforce integrations for Craft CMS

Why Integrate With Salesforce?

Here are five good reasons to integrate your Craft site with Salesforce.


1. New Customers

New customers don't find you through your Salesforce account. They find you through your website. Plug the leaks in your customer management pipeline. Connect your website to your Salesforce account.

2. Existing Customers

Existing customers are your most important source of recurring revenue. Provide them with useful tools and resources by pulling information from Salesforce back into your website. This way you create a customer portal that adds value to their ongoing relationship with you.

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3. Tracking & Forecasting

Integrate your website's e-commerce system with Salesforce so that you can track the customer-to-revenue relationship. Increase your forecasting and trend analysis capabilities and close the loopholes in your financials.

4. Eliminate The Extra Step

Your sales and management teams already use Salesforce to manage customer relations. Don't ask them to learn how to use your CMS as well. Integrate your website's CMS with Salesforce so that your team can stay focussed on helping the customer.


5. Capture Business Rules

Import critical business rules from your Salesforce account back into your website. This way the rules that govern your customer relationships also govern interactions on your website. A tighter system will always be a source of strong ROI.

We Can Help

We maintain numerous integrations between Salesforce and CMS's like Craft. We can help you too.