Expert Salesforce Integration

Expert Salesforce integrations for popular CMS systems such as ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS.

Why Integrate Salesforce?

5 reasons to integrate your site with Salesforce

  New Customers

New customers don't find you through your Salesforce account. They find you through your website. Plug the leaks in your customer management pipeline. Connect your website to your Salesforce account.

  Existing Customers

Existing customers are your most important source of recurring revenue. Provide them with useful tools and resources by pulling information from Salesforce back into your website. This way you create a customer portal that adds value to their ongoing relationship with you.

  Tracking & Forecasting

Integrate your website's e-commerce system with Salesforce so that you can track the customer-to-revenue relationship. Increase your forecasting and trend analysis capabilities and close the loopholes in your financials.

  Eliminate the Extra Step

Your sales and management teams already use Salesforce to manage customer relations. Don't ask them to learn how to use your CMS as well. Integrate your website's CMS with Salesforce so that your team can stay focussed on helping the customer.

  Import Business Rules

Import critical business rules from your Salesforce account back into your website. This way the rules that govern your customer relationships also govern interactions on your website. A tighter system will always be a source of strong ROI.

How it Works

We have built Salesforce integrations for popular CMS systems such as ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS. We can work with many frameworks and we can help you transition to a new system in order to take advantage of all that Salesforce can offer. And if your website is not currently running on a CMS, we can help you set that up as well.

  1. First we work with you to determine the sweet spot for your Salesforce integration. How many data points should be connected? How often should the systems be synced? Etc.
  2. Depending on the size of the project, we prepare a phased plan. This lets you get your baseline integration up and running quickly so that you can learn more about how the system can benefit your customers.
  3. We execute on the plan and build out the integration components, testing each piece along the way to insure that the system runs seamlessly.
  4. We launch and work with you to review analytics so that you can better plan future integration points.

Our integration services start at around $3,000 and range upward to $10,000.

Some of our Clients

ProPublica BSR Cradle to Cradle Certified Alliance of Chief Executives

Solspace's Salesforce connector has streamlined our data maintenance process dramatically, keeping our published data current and up to date by integrating our public website with our back end business processes.

Ben Bezark, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

In need of a complex Salesforce/ExpressionEngine integration, Solspace simply "gets it". Even over the phone, they are able to simplify a client's needs and will work very closely with you day in and day out to make sure the project goes smoothly and is finished on time without hiccups or red tape that normally happens with this sort of integration. I can't say enough great things about their team.

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