Special Projects for B2B websites

Your needs are special and won’t let you settle for business as usual. You’ve probably got an idea for a special project that requires experienced strategy, planning and development expertise. Together we can make it a reality.

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Whether it’s a unique concept to build or just a tough problem to solve, we’ve got you.

Our special projects may include:

  • Complex product configurations
  • Streamlining complexity out of sales cycles
  • Time-compressed, critical builds
  • Third-party API or web service integrations
  • Complex customer data acquisition
  • Transforming offline processes into online magic
  • Something never done before, until we do it

Special projects deserve special attention

Strategy and planning

We collaborate with you to develop the strategy, plans, and tactics to create a foundation for the work to come on your special project. Even if we’re not drafting new designs or writing code, this work is essential. You’ll get clear documentation and expectations to share with your stakeholders.

A focus on flow

No special project is self-contained. It must work in your current web ecosystem with as little friction as possible. We build your project with keen attention to your current system and services. We’ll ensure your new capabilities fit within both your technologies and your offline business processes.

Dedication to value

Your new technology services must do more than just work as expected. They must add true value to your business and to your customers. We’re dedicated to ensuring your special project positively affects your bottom line by saving you money or producing new revenue. Though, why no both?

After having our initial attempt to launch a rebuilt developer site fail, we called Solspace to help us get back on track.

90 days later we launched our site and dramatically reduced our operating costs. The Solspace team was efficient, adaptable, and dealt with an unrealistic deadline with supreme professionalism. Next time I'm calling Solspace first and saving myself some sleepless nights!

Aaron Kozak

When Things Get Sticky

Don't let your special project idea die on the vine. Even if you just want to talk it out with us, we're ready to listen.