ExpressionEngine Performance Evaluation

Sometimes your site is slow or hangs. You can’t track down why. We can find the problem(s).

Why get an Evaluation?

If your ExpressionEngine site has speed problems, database crashes, or a web host or server admin telling you that your site is using too many resources, a site performance evaluation by Solspace is in order. We will evaluate your ExpressionEngine architecture, looking at template code, installed add-ons and their usage, configuration choices, and other relevant factors. An evaluation includes our performance suite of software and advice on how to use it.

  The Benefits

Dealing with performance issues before they become emergencies will give your site the opportunity to scale gracefully and grow it’s user base optimally.

Whatever the business of your site, slow performance effects usage negatively. Experiments at Google, Yahoo and Amazon have shown drops in site usage at speed delays of 400 milliseconds and less. Site speed affects conversions, repeat visits and page views per visit.

Optimizing may save you money on hosting costs if hardware load and bandwidth requirements can be reduced.

  How it Works

Our evaluation lasts up to six hours over the course of one day. We outline detailed recommendations in an interactive online manner. We then answer questions and provide clarifications during a follow-up session. At the end of the evaluation you will be provided with a PDF summary of our findings along with our documented best practices guide for maintenance going forward. We do not fix your site, but rather teach you how to fix it and how to keep it fast and efficient going forward.

Evaluations are not done on an emergency basis, they must be scheduled in advance. Lead time is currently only 1-2 weeks.

Once you make your appointment, we will give you a list of things to do to prepare for the evaluation. These will include preparing Solspace access to your ExpressionEngine control panel and server via FTP. We will ask you to remove access when the evaluation is complete. There should be one developer for your site that serves as the contact person during the evaluation. All communication between you and Solspace will take place through online tools, email or IM.

Why Solspace?

We're the longest standing ExpressionEngine development team.

First to launch a major website ( on ExpressionEngine
First to develop extensive API integration capabilities for ExpressionEngine
First to create a performance evaluation program for ExpressionEngine
First to offer an end-to-end monthly support and maintenance program

Solspace has been developing EE sites for years. In fact, we're one of the pioneers of using the platform for large, high traffic, highly complex websites. The team has an extraordinary amount of expertise, and includes many seasoned veterans. Learn more about the Solspace team here.

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