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We offer expert ExpressionEngine development, maintenance and support.
We support ExpressionEngine clients over the long-term.

Why ExpressionEngine?

ExpressionEngine is a platform, not a blogging tool. Yes we're talking to you WordPress.

  Secure & Stable

ExpressionEngine has a track record for security a thousand times better than WordPress. WordPress sites are constantly getting hacked. You are about to make a recommendation to your organization for a CMS to run the new site, do you really want to go into that meeting and say, "Yeah WordPress is a CMS that gets hacked a lot, but it will be ok don't worry." Or do you want to walk into that meeting and say, "It's my job to deliver a secure website. I recommend ExpressionEngine for this because it has had 0 major vulnerabilities in the 11 years it has been on the market."

Security Features:

  • Session Management
  • Secure Form Processing
  • Captcha
  • Throttling
  • Duplicate Data Denial
  • IP and User Agent Logging
  • Password Lockout
  • Secure Password Mode
  • IP Banning
  • Email Banning
  • Username Restriction
  • Word Censoring

  Extensible & Flexible

ExpressionEngine is a platform not a blogging tool. You don't have to compel it to be flexible. You don't have to trick it into being extensible or maleable or configurable. It's not WordPress. It's a platform, a framework in which you create incredible things. By design it supports plugins, modules, extension and field types. Natively it has an open-ended templating architecture that literally gives the developer a blank slate.

  • Mobile responsive site? Done.
  • API integrated site? Done.
  • Multiple language site? Done.
  • Adaptable and reconfigurable site over time? Done.

  Loved & Supported

ExpressionEngine has a large and thriving developer community. It's a community made up not of part-time novices building simple brochures websites on WordPress, but of full time web professionals who are on the hook for building secure, scalable, flexible content publishing systems for organizations with your size, reach and responsibilities. These are seasoned veterans who know what they are doing. And there's a community full of them.

If one of these developers has faced a client problem on the web, they have likely solved it before using ExpressionEngine. In many cases they have built an add-on for the platform that they sell back into the community. By building up paid add-on businesses, these developers are then in a position to maintain their solutions over time to keep them secure, feature rich and aimed directly at the client's needs. You benefit from this ecosystem. You save time, money, pain and suffering.

When you join this community by adopting ExpressionEngine as your web platform, you join a group of heros and you become one yourself.

Why Solspace?

We're the longest standing ExpressionEngine development team.

First to launch a major website ( on ExpressionEngine
First to develop extensive API integration capabilities for ExpressionEngine
First to create a performance evaluation program for ExpressionEngine
First to offer an end-to-end monthly support and maintenance program

We specialize in highly complex ExpressionEngine development. We love a good problem. But that's not actually what matters most to us. What we care most about is long-term relationships with great clients. We like to build something great. But what we love is to stick around and help it grow and adapt and change over time. It's fine to build something cool and launch it. It's much better to remain and keep it going. Check out our array of ExpressionEngine services.

We've been doing it the longest. If it can be done at all on the web, we have probably already done it with ExpressionEngine. In fact, we have probably done it several times before. Don't believe us? Reach out and connect. Run a problem by us. We can prove that we have been there before and we can help you get there too.

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