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ExpressionEngine 3 is now available!

Get your site ready for ExpressionEngine 3.

EllisLab has recently released the 3.0 version of ExpressionEngine, its popular content management and web development platform. Solspace has been an expert on ExpressionEngine development and maintenance for 11 years. You should keep all software up to date and we can help you do it.

ExpressionEngine 3 carryies with it many changes. It has been rewritten and reorganized to take advantage of changes that have taken place in the PHP world. These changes benefit you and your website through creating an even more stable and reliable platform. ExpressionEngine will soon be even more extensible and scalable. The control panel has been completely redesigned from the ground up. The data modeling has been totally overhauled. And many other major improvements have been made.

Now that ExpressionEngine 3 is released, there is a limited amount of time to upgrade your ExpressionEngine 2 website before that product reaches the end of its life. This means the security updates and patches as well as performance improvements and feature enhancements will not be available to you. Keeping your mission critical web software current and up to date is one of your principle responsibilities as the owner or manager of a website.

Solspace offers upgrade services to make the process of going from ExpressionEngine 2 to ExpressionEngine 3 as painless as possible. If there were customizations made to your site over time, we can help convert and port those over to your ExpressionEngine 3 version. If you worry about how complex this can get for you, with your already busy and overcommitted schedule, allow us to help take the pain and worry away.

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Why Solspace?

We're the longest standing ExpressionEngine development team.

First to launch a major website ( on ExpressionEngine
First to develop extensive API integration capabilities for ExpressionEngine
First to create a performance evaluation program for ExpressionEngine
First to offer an end-to-end monthly support and maintenance program

We specialize in highly complex ExpressionEngine development. We love a good problem. But that's not actually what matters most to us. What we care most about is long-term relationships with great clients. We like to build something great. But what we love is to stick around and help it grow and adapt and change over time. It's fine to build something cool and launch it. It's much better to remain and keep it going. Check out our array of ExpressionEngine services.

We've been doing it the longest. If it can be done at all on the web, we have probably already done it with ExpressionEngine. In fact, we have probably done it several times before. Don't believe us? Reach out and connect. Run a problem by us. We can prove that we have been there before and we can help you get there too.

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