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We offer expert Craft CMS development, maintenance and support.
We can build anything with Craft and maintain it for the long-haul.

Why Craft CMS?

  Beautiful & Simple

Craft is beautiful, simple and elegant. Maintaining a website and managing content is something that must be done on a daily basis. The tool that you use daily should not make your eyes bleed.

The right tool for the job does the job well but it stays out of the way. It feels good in the hand. It is balanced, unencumbered. It is smooth and steady, yet flexible and powerful. This is Craft.

Craft CMS is intuitive and responsive. It is clear, concise, precise and well thought out in its conception, design and execution. It is artful.

  Feature Rich, Not Feature Laden

Live Preview: A content management system assists in maintaining the content of a website. A critical part of this process is the ability to preview content before publishing. Craft's Live Preview feature is the best on the market. Craft Live Preview

Flexible Fields: Out of the box Craft includes several highly flexible native field types. There's the Matrix field which lets you generate tables of data connected to an item of content. The cells in a Matrix field can themselves be custom field types. It's called the Matrix because it is nearly infinite. There's also relationship fields which let you connect one item of content to one or more other types of content. Through these relationships you could support the website in it's need to leverage existing content and stick to a publish once / use many data model.

Asset Management: Every website needs to manage image assets. Content publishers need to upload, manage and manipulate sometimes large volumes of marketing image collateral. Craft saw you coming. Asset management in Craft is so easy and intuitive that it is fact a pleasure to work with. Craft Asset Management

Multiple Languages: In this age, with the world as small as it is, many websites need to be rendered in multiple languages. Craft supports this in the most robust possible manner right out of the box. Set up versions of your site in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German... all without getting a tummy ache.

  Mutable & Flexible

Craft can change along with you. It can be as little or as much as you need it to be due to its beautifully conceived plugin architecture.

Pixel & Tonic began as an add-on developer for ExpressionEngine, another excellent CMS. Through this experience they know that the power of extensibility is THE power of a web development platform. With Craft there is either already a plugin to do that extra thing you need or a plugin can be written quickly to accomplish the task. This freedom of flexibility is critical to the viability and longevity of a website over time. Craft delivers it with gusto.


The folks at Pixel & Tonic have from their very beginnings known how critical excellent support can be. We're all in this together. We're all trying to build a better, faster, smarter, more professional web. The Pixel & Tonic team put highest quality, highly responsive and non-judgmental support first and foremost. They have dedicated countless hours to making Craft so easy to use and so reliable that you should not need support, but when you do, they are there promptly to help. Not to mention, Craft attracts loyal users and developers who also know the importance of developers and designers supporting one another. The community really rallies when someone has a tough technical challenge to meet for a client.

Why Solspace?

Solspace is a professional web design and development company with the expertise to build a flexible, powerful website that meets your business goals.

We are a team of 15 web professionals. We serve small to medium sized companies and specialize in building websites and web applications on top of content management systems such as Craft CMS. We are known for our ability to extend and customize these systems so that they meet a wide variety of business needs and scale to accommodate large traffic volume.

We specialize in the most challenging of all web work, cloud integration. We take a base CMS like Craft and connect it to the cloud through API integrations with platforms such as Salesforce, NetSuite, HubSpot, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

We have built more than 30 plugins for various Content Management Systems (CMS) over the years and continue to sell many of them in our store. This work represents our ability to build and ship production level websites and web software for a global audience.

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