Custom Craft CMS Development

Craft is our CMS of choice.
With it we build highly customized website experiences for our clients.

Concept to Launch Craft CMS Development

We offer custom Craft CMS development for any or all stages of a website build. Regardless of where you are in your process, Solspace is ready to be your single resource for Craft CMS development.

Solspace takes a holistic approach to Craft CMS development by offering full-stack services.
In short, this means we offer front-end development (the visual part of your website) and back-end development (the database and background stuff).

We also help you with all the stuff that surrounds a reliable website like hosting, integrating your ESPs, CRMs, APIs and other acronyms. We’ll make sure all the parts play well together.

Solspace is a Certified Enterprise Partner for Craft CMS

Being a Certified Enterprise Partner for Craft is not common and we’re glad to be on the shortlist. This means we’ve been individually approved by Pixel & Tonic, the makers of Craft CMS, for this selective list. It basically means we’ve proven we understand Craft inside and out.

One of the reasons we know it so well is because we also built and maintain two of the most popular Craft plugins: Freeform and Calendar. So, if you’ve got a Craft website and are using forms or a calendar there’s a good chance we’re the folks who built your plugins.

We’ve been building websites with Craft and software for it since its early days. It’s a terric, intuitive CMS that we’re proud to bring to bear on our clients' website challenges.

Discovery and Planning

No matter what stage you’re in with your website planning or build, we’ll start by reviewing your needs and business goals. The foundation of a successful website build isn’t really code; it’s strategy and planning. Once we’ve understood your goals and challenges we’ll develop a timeline and expectations with you.

Our goal is to give you more than just a sense of confidence. We want you to be relieved. Relieved that your development partners are experts in your CMS platform, relieved that we truly understand your needs, and relieved that we’ll keep everything on schedule, predictable, and flowing smoothly.

Front-end and Back-end Craft Development

Here’s where that “full stack” work really comes in handy. We’ll ensure your page designs and templates look and function just as you hoped. We’ll also make sure the user experience (UX) of the CMS itself fits the needs of your publishing team. Finally, we’ll confirm all of your legacy data and new content gets to the right places.

Special Integrations

It’s rare these days for a website to be a vanilla, straightforward website. Modern websites usually need some custom integrations or a special feature or two. It’s routine for us to build custom API’s to make sure your other systems like CRMs, inventory management, ecommerce, or others work seamlessly with each other and keep the data flowing.

Reliable and Available

At Solspace we believe that reliability is the most important thing about a website. Having a reliable team to support that website is the best way to achieve web reliability. Just like your clients rely on your work, you want to be able to rely on the other professionals you work with.

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