Craft CMS Maintenance

A bit like a physician for pro athletes, we provide attentive, specialized, expert care for complex needs and optimal performance.

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Supporting stability. Maintaining care.

It’s easy to think of a website as a sort of virtual perpetual motion machine. Something that just keeps on working because the code tells it to. But websites, especially the complex ones, need continual attention and adjustments to remain reliable and fast. The maintenance we provide our clients is active and vigilant. It must be, for your success and peace-of-mind.

Beyond simple maintenance we also provide care. The care of regular improvements to keep pace with markets and new technologies. The type of care that attends to issues you didn’t even know were there. The type of care that extends to your people, not just your technology.

A focus on reliability

At Solspace we take the maintenance of your web property very seriously. A website isn’t a plant to be watered while you’re out. It’s an ecosystem to be continually cared for. We become the stewards of our client’s websites, so they can rest easy.

Real people for real problems

Ever get weary of having to solve your problem by submitting a ticket to the “system?” With Solspace you get to send your requests to a person, with a name, someone you’ll know for years. A person who empathizes with your challenges; a person who gets you.

Strive for boring

Being boring sounds like a weird goal, doesn’t it? But, that’s what we want for you. A website that just keeps generating reliable revenue. The work your website does for you should be fascinating. Keeping it working shouldn’t be.