Cloud Integrations

You've moved core business processes up into the cloud. It makes sense. But how do you get those different systems to talk to one another so that they can share data and processes? You tie them together using your own website as the hub.

Cloud solutions provide excellent overall benefit, partly because they specialize in their core competencies. Salesforce is for managing customers. HubSpot is for managing marketing. Basecamp is for managing projects. All of these systems and many others do their thing well, but they don't always share well. They don't necessarily talk to one another out of the box.

Use Solspace to tie your various cloud systems into one cohesive whole. We use your Craft, ExpressionEngine or Laravel website as the core platform through which we weave the data and business logic of your other cloud tools. Every organization has its own custom business rules. For example, some organizations allow their members to access restricted areas of their website only when their Salesforce contact record has been promoted to a specific custom state. Some websites trigger a set of HubSpot processes when a new member signs up for a specific mailing list. There are so many variations and permutations, you need someone with depth, expertise and seasoning to fit it together for you and keep it running smoothly. Solspace is that partner. Your own website is the core tool.

By way of further example, for our clients we have built many variations on the idea of an e-commerce system. We have built complex multi-lingual systems shipping goods around the world. We have built multi-level subscription systems for membership organizations. We have built e-commerce systems supporting downloadable digital goods. We have built e-commerce systems for companies who provide monthly recurring services. We have integrated websites with many of the most widely known payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, BluePay, Verisign and others.

In addition to our e-commerce work, we do a great deal of work integrating CRM and marketing systems such as Salesforce and HubSpot into CMS systems. These integrations tend to be very powerful in that they marry the two worlds of content and site management with the customer and client management systems of medium to large organizations. For example, these days we perform at least 2 Salesforce integrations per month for our clients.

We also work frequently creating single sign-on systems (SSO) which allow users, staff and administrators to login to their CMS and its related systems with one single ID. We have created such systems for companies like Nokia and Verifone along with many others. These systems require a great deal of sensitivity and experience with system security as users are often logging in to very sensitive mission-critical tools.

Lastly, we provide both services and products for social media integrations. We have methods and products that allow us to easily and quickly integrate Facebook or Twitter with a client's website and allow them to dive deeply into the social graph to enhance user interaction and engagement.

Cloud integrations, API integrations, are complex and almost always require ongoing maintenance and support. This fits perfectly with our approach to working with our clients. We flourish through long-term relationships where we can provide value over the long run while also enjoying fun and engaging professional relationships.

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