Case Study: Nokia Developer

Don’t let it give you any ideas, but in about 90 days Solspace built and launched a new website for This was an unusually compressed timeline. But through an extraordinary team effort on all sides, we launched on time and on budget. We used ExpressionEngine and wrote many custom add-ons to integrate with about 5 separate back-end API’s for various functions. The site integrates with a single sign-on system to provide a seamless experience for Nokia users, a downloads API and a devices API to take advantage of centralizing content and data. The site was architected to take full advantage of Akamai caching capabilities in order to achieve consistently fast page load times.

Far and away though, above and beyond the technical achievements mentioned, we think this project serves as a great example of the Solspace Team’s ability to integrate itself into other teams in a friendly, professional and highly effective manner in order to achieve excellence on a large scale.

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