Case Study: Local First

We offer a software package that allows an ExpressionEngine site to connect to and synchronize with an organization’s Salesforce account. The offering is not available in our normal software store as the set-up and configuration are normally labor intensive. As well, each engagement seems to involve some custom coding and configuration to account for very specific business rules.

Through our friends at The Image Shoppe, we recently deployed a solution using our CRM software for ExpressionEngine on Local First of West Michigan, a guide to shopping local in the West Michigan area. Local First manages the organizations and businesses in their directory through their Salesforce account. Most of the management of those records takes place in Salesforce where staff have been trained to manage different business processes. We applied our software to sync those records into an ExpressionEngine channel, keeping fields, categories, statuses and the like in sync with the site. On a regular interval the data is synchronized between the two systems. New records are brought over automagically from Salesforce and added to the site’s directory. Updates and edits are maintained, and when an organization is removed from the directory on the Salesforce side, its corresponding record in EE is moved to a closed status.

This functionality has greatly reduced the workload of Local First staff as they can now focus more time on serving their mission and less time on serving content.

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