Case Study: IDEO

Solspace has enjoyed a dynamic long-term relationship with IDEO since launching their ExpressionEngine-based redesign in 2008. Since then several redesigns have taken place, along with many additions and adaptations.

As IDEO’s web development partner, we routinely consult on methods and technologies that can improve workflow and make it easier for them to communicate with clients, partners and a global audience, while ensuring user experience remains optimal. We collaborate on problem-solving with the IDEO team, identify the best solutions, and then execute those solutions and maintain them over time.

Over the course of our working relationship with IDEO we have developed custom search capabilities as well as custom PDF generation capabilities. We have also deployed internationalized sites, including where we provided consulting and account support services as needed to successfully help navigate the many factors involved with creating a web presence in China.

Our ongoing relationship with IDEO provides a wonderful model of the level of excellence that is possible when the client is a match with Solspace’s capabilities, culture and expertise. IDEO is a smart, committed, engaged and forward-looking company, and one that demonstrates a commitment to excellence in design and craftsmanship in every aspect of their business. IDEO’s web problems are always interesting and engaging, and their approach to these problems includes a love for discovery, ongoing improvement and humor. Partnering with world-class organizations like IDEO brings out the best in us, and the Solspace team delights in providing an exceptional day-to-day working relationship, as well as an excellent outcome.

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