Case Study: EngineHosting

We’ve been friends, colleagues and customers of the EngineHosting team for many years. Knowing our abilities in the e-commerce space as well as the depth of our expertise in web application development, EngineHosting approached us to build their new web hosting order and fulfillment system. We learned during the discovery and planning process that the core part of their order fulfillment flow was actually email communication with their customers, not automated forms. With this personalized customer service focus in mind, we partnered with Eric Miller Design to conceptualize and develop a new email-centric tool through which the EngineHosting billing department would interact with customers, managing account activation, portal access and credit card recurring billing, as well as other hosting product functions integrated through that core component.

We revised the tool and continued to iterate as we uncovered new opportunities and efficiencies. This led to a refined, high quality user experience both for internal staff and EngineHosting customers. Along the way we added the capability for 3rd party vendors to sell their products through the EngineHosting store and have their own fulfillment systems notified through a secure API.

Today we continue to maintain the system and improve it for efficiency and predictability. This ongoing relationship with EngineHosting and its customers fulfills an important part of the Solspace mission, and puts into practice the ideal that you can do business with friends and be friendly in business.

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