Case Studies

The more your website stays out of the way of your visitors, the more you prosper.

A long list of clients have relied on our abilities and expertise with implementing and maintaining their Craft CMS and ExpressionEngine websites. Here are a few case studies that serve as examples of our work.

ProPublica on Craft CMS

After ten years with ProPublica we know what they need most: reliability.

What goes a long was to ensuring that you can deliver reliability? Choosing reliable tools for the job. Craft CMS was our choice.

ADFS and LAMP Stack CMS Single Sign-On Integration for Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY needed to get their ADFS users to seamlessly login to their LAMP stack CMS powered website. Microsoft ADFS and LAMP stack systems don't talk to one another very well out of the box. We built an add-on for their CMS that used the SimpleSAMLphp library to integrate the two systems using the SAML 2.0 protocol. Unfortunately it was hard. But fortunately, Solspace likes hard.

BSR HERproject Impact Portal

BSR approached Solspace with an idea to create a web-based tool that would enable international brand-name companies, suppliers, and NGOs to effectively manage data related to a variety of programs directly serving women in workplaces around the world.

IDEO Automobility

Winner of 2 Webbys, honored for a 3rd.

Nokia Developer

Don’t let it give you any ideas, but in about 90 days Solspace built and launched a new website for


Globally recognized for leadership in design thinking and innovation, IDEO demands excellence in services, products and experiences from beginning to end. They expect no less from their web development partner.

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