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User 4.0.9

Create powerful and flexible member management areas using regular EE templates.


User allows you to build very powerful and complex member areas on your site. By default, ExpressionEngine comes with a special area (unlike regular EE templates) for member templating, and is very difficult to customize and impossible to stray from the structure in place. User slices up all that functionality into regular EE template tags that you can use wherever you want, however you want. Best of all, User only extends the EE Member module, so User becomes a plug and play add-on that works with existing Member data, and if you ever want to stop using it, can revert back to EE member module approach, etc.

User is also capable of much more! It brings to the table a robust set of front end member management tools and adds much more flexibility to the way your member management behaves. For example, you can send an automated custom welcome email to users once their registration is complete, Admins can register new members via the front end, create invitation emails with unique registration keys, set the email address to be the username for logging into your site, Custom error pages... and more!

User also includes a User Roles feature that allows you to create, manage and assign roles to users, restricting blocks of content, forms, admin tools, viewing of channel entries, etc to users with sufficient privileges on the front end EE templates. Also included is a Related Authors fieldtype that allows you to relate/assign members to channel entries.


The latest version of User is 4.0.9. The chart below shows the current technical requirements and compatibility for the latest version of User.

  Compatibility Chart

User currently only supports the latest version of ExpressionEngine plus 1 point version back. The red, vertical dashed line represents the cut-off for EE versions we support. EE versions to the right of that line are no longer supported by us with our add-ons. The icon represents an update specifically for compatibility with that EE version. Please upgrade to this add-on version before upgrading to that version of ExpressionEngine.

Date formats below are: M/D/YYYY. As always, we recommend that you always use the latest versions of our add-ons. However, this chart may answer some of your questions about upgrading the Solspace User add-on and ExpressionEngine, and reduce the risk of incompatibility. This chart also serves as a guide to see when support for the latest version of ExpressionEngine becomes available.

EE 3.5.x EE 3.4.x EE 3.3.x EE 3.2.x EE 3.1.x EE 3.0.x EE 2.11.x EE 2.10.x EE 2.9.x EE 2.8.x EE 2.7.x EE 2.6.x EE 2.5.x
4.0.9+ 3/2/2017
4.0.7+ 6/22/2016
4.0.5 4/19/2016 4.0.3 2/3/2016 4.0.2 1/27/2016 4.0.0 11/19/2015 3.5.3 4/27/2015 3.5.3 4/27/2015 3.4.6 4/13/2014 3.4.6 4/13/2014 3.4.5 9/20/2013 3.4.2 4/29/2013 3.4.0 1/4/2013

  What People Are Saying

As a web developer it makes putting the site together much faster without hacks. After using it on a few high traffic websites the last 4 years, I'm very pleased. The support is outstanding as well.


I'm a novice EE developer and have never used EE member capabilities before. When a client project needed membership management (user login, user profiles, etc), we used the User Module and we're so glad we did. The docs are very easy to follow and the Solspace team is very responsive when it comes to questions and issues.

Patricia B

I'm sure I only employed a fraction of what this add-on can do but it made life a lot easier and saved me a lot of time in what could have otherwise been a relatively complex set of functionality to wade through for a novice EE developer. Great product.

Damien Buckley

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Updating Instructions #

If you're upgrading from User 3.x on ExpressionEngine 2.x, it's recommended that you upload the new User files to your new ExpressionEngine 3.x site directory just before running the EE2 -> EE3 upgrade. Proceed with the following instructions...

  1. Within your sites ./system/user/addons/ directory, delete the user folder and upload the new one from the /system/user/addons/ directory in your download package.
  2. Within your sites ./themes/user/ directory, delete the user folder and upload the new one from the /themes/user/ directory in your download package.
  3. Go to the Add-On Manager area in the ExpressionEngine control panel, scroll to down to the Third Party Add-Ons section, and find User in the list, and click Update.
  4. If updating from User 3.x, and you were using the User Authors publish field, User 4.x will remove that field, but keep the data. You can restore use of this by creating a new custom channel field with the User fieldtype and Related Authors as the sub-fieldtype.

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